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Faith is the key to success
Strength lies in shared emotions
In my opinion waiting for all the necessary conditions is not a winning policy.
Today, security cannot be geographically isolated.

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Two Birthdays: 26th of & 68th of NATO

Two Birthdays: 26th of & 68th of NATO

Date: 04.04.2017
Today, the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria celebrates its 26th birthday. ACB was founded on April 4th, 1991 by MPs of Bulgaria's Grand National Assembly led by Dr Solomon Passy, the future Foreign Minister of Bulgaria who negotiated and signed the accessions of Bulgaria to NATO (2004) and EU (2005). ACB is the pioneering NGO in the Warsaw Pact zone advocating its dissolution and the inclusion of New Europe in NATO and the EU.

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My Interviews

Solomon Passy: Bulgaria is like a Floating Cask among Sea

Solomon Passy: Bulgaria is like a Floating Cask among Sea

According to Solomon Passy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian people do not realize its role as a member of EU, neither of NATO. In his opinion Bulgaria has not acquired both short term and long term strategy.
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Dr. Solomon Passy - an inspiration for the future generations

With his rich exprience and devotion over the years, Solomon Passy became one of the most successful politicians in Bulgarian history. He played a key role in the negotiations for Bulgarian membership in NATO and EU. Solomon has a wonderful wife and three children.

Passy's Family

Solomon is married toGergana Passy, who was (2001-2009) the EU Minister of Bulgaria, MP,Deputy